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Horse Retirement Livery

About Eastlake Horse Retirement & Livery

Eastlake Farm has been established as a riding stables and equine facilities hub for over 30 years - we have a wide variety of knowledge and expertise. We have now decided to 'hang up the reins' in order to become a horse retirement livery centre, meaning we can devote the entirety of our time to pampering ponies, which is our favourite bit.

We are offering 24/7 retirement livery with twice daily checks to ensure all horses are happy and healthy. We also offer 24-hour turnout in a secure, tranquil livery environment and all horses are to be pampered and groomed daily. There is stabling or access to an open barn - which is great for those retired horses who are prone to laminitis. Rugging is also checked and changed when needed.

We work with the local vet and farrier who are both well established practitioners when it comes to horse retirement and a local Bowen practitioner which is all available at the owners' expense. As part of our horse retirement livery package we offer haylage and basic hard food at no extra cost.

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Eastlake Farm - Standard livery service also available, DIY and Full

Non-Retirement Equine Livery Services

For those looking to place their horse on DIY or full livery at our farm, our monthly package includes: stable, field, straw and hay. We are 5 minutes from Dartmoor National Park which provides an exhilarating riding landscape and a truly unique riding experience. Prices are available on request.

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